We aim to ensure our products derive from the finest ingredients specially sourced around

the world for your well-being. We strongly believe that with good health comes a good

lifestyle. Therefore, each product range is carefully curated to enhance your vitality and

overall wellness.


Dr Monty's products are committed to the following Natural and Organic attributes:

  • Alcohol free       

  • GMO free

  • Free from Toxic chemicals

  • Free from harmful Allergens

  • Free from Harmful Parabens

  • Free from Animal Testing

  • Free from Steroids and opioids 

Why? Because we love you.

Is it environmentally friendly?
Yes! No big factories here in our production. We produce it at our very own environmentally

friendly facility which does not create a huge carbon footprint in its production process, it may

take a little longer for a product to be produced but hey ~ no guilt on our end. Each product

also retails at an affordable price, many a time we see organic products priced at a premium,

but why? Just because its au naturale it is more expensive? No. It’s not right.  Our pricing

strategy is based on the country of distribution and its purchasing power parity. (Retail Sales) 
In short-We want protection for everyone and let’s keep it that way

We are constantly researching and developing our product range to ensure protection for all. Wearable technology,face masks and healing serums will be the next in line for launch. With your help and support we believe that we can together give protection for all. We as a company are also open to ideas for collaborations so feel free to contact us for partnerships. 

In The Pipeline

Giving Back

​Here at Doctor Monty's we believe that every establishment has purpose apart from profitability. We dedicate a percentage of our sales to nominated charities and We also ensure that the production process benefits communities supporting it. We all can play a part in making the world a better place. We can. We will. We Shall.

Tested Safe

Doctor Monty's Bite Protection has been tested extensively in certified and accredited labs to be sure that our ingredients and product is 100% safe for topical use.  ​
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